The health and well-being of our employees, customers and their patients is important to us. As your leading diagnostic imaging service provider, we are closely monitoring developments as they relate to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Following the advice provided by expert opinions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other governmental agencies and health care bodies, we continue to service the needs of our customers and their patients.

We remain committed to helping healthcare facilities care for their patients across the healthcare community. We maintain and follow clinical best practices in the care, cleaning, and disinfection throughout our workforce, which includes the highest safety and quality standards adopted by the diagnostic imaging industry. Our employees are highly trained in the appropriate protocols and procedures to maintain the safest possible delivery of services following these compliance standards.

We join with our customers in taking precautions to keep our employees, your staff and patients safe. We have implemented our business continuity plan, taking into account the evolving nature of COVID-19. As incidents arise, our workforce is to communicate with our Human Resources department and management team regarding any suspected or known cases at our client site locations and in our workforce environments. As a precaution, we are following the guidelines of the CDC related to illnesses, and in situations regarding uncertainty, we ask staff to stay home if they are sick.

We will continue to communicate with you and the appropriate contacts in each of our business units to relay the appropriate information to the CDC and assist our managers with drafting the appropriate responses back to our client contacts. We ask each of you, in turn, communicate this same information to us. For further information regarding our efforts, or if you would like to notify us of your response to a situation, please email Karri Thomas, Vice President, Human Resources at