Absolute Imaging Solutions installs 7 new Nuclear Medicine systems at major Southeast Hospital Network

Absolute Imaging Solutions’ exclusive AnyScan® S SPECT cameras enable half-time/half-does imaging; accompanying software expands functionality, capacity and efficiency  

AnyScan S SPECTOak Ridge, NC – May 20, 2015 – Absolute Imaging Solutions (AIS) today announced it will be supplying a major Southeastern Hospital Network with 7 AnyScan® S SPECT cameras. The investment enables the healthcare provider to implement half-time and half-dose imaging, which enhances patient care by reducing the time to complete a scan.

The AnyScan® S Single-Head and Dual-Head are large field-of-view general purpose SPECT cameras manufactured by Mediso Medical Imaging Systems (Mediso), with a small footprint for easy integration into various clinical settings. The AnyScan® S offers an ergonomic open design and robust mechanics to improve efficiency and patient comfort.

AIS has an exclusive agreement with Hungary-based Mediso for distribution of the AnyScan® S in the U.S. Mark Shina, president of AIS, said AIS has quickly established the AnyScan S in the U.S. market having placed a number of cameras in imaging facilities across the country.

“Since receiving FDA 510(k) clearance for AnyScan in 2013, we’ve focused on providing the AnyScan S and superior service within nuclear medicine,” said Shina. “Building upon our agreement with Mediso, we’ve established preferred supplier relationships to give our customers more options and greater imaging capabilities.”

The major Southeastern Hospital Network will benefit from two powerful software programs that are integrated into the AnyScan S system. Segami Oasis, the first nuclear medicine and molecular imaging software to use the Windows platform for diagnostic imaging, delivers efficient routine processing and reading solutions and offers multi-modality applications that can be customized. Complementing the software is a suite of applications from Cedars-Sinai AIM, which enables single data-entry, multi-monitor support, group processing, robust data management, and many other features.

About Absolute Imaging Solutions (AIS)

Absolute Imaging Solutions (AIS) was founded in 2001 by Mark Shina. AIS provides system sales, parts sales, service and support for both new and refurbished imaging cameras, including Nuclear Imaging (SPECT), CT, Cardiac PET, PET, Ultrasound, and X-Ray. Our experienced field service engineer’s service, relocate, de-install, and install new or refurbished nuclear medicine cameras. AIS is an ISO 13485 certified and registered company.


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