TTG Healthcare, LLC  (TTG) is a vertically integrated collection of healthcare companies that offers the best in diagnostic imaging, equipment services, clinical staffing and radiopharmaceutical products.

TTG Healthcare evolved from The Tomayko Group, a leader in nuclear medicine services and a trusted resource for hospital CEO’s, cardiology practice managers, independent physicians and supply chain administrators.

The parent company has been built on excellence in the field of cardiac diagnostic imaging services. Today, clients turn to TTG – and its newest companies, Cardiologic, TTG Omni Diagnostics and Absolute Imaging Services (AIS) – for that expertise and more. TTG’s established business model is based on a delivery system that creates efficient, cost-effective packaging of customized services, products and programs. And TTG delivers it all with the highest level of customer service.

TTG invests in companies and programs that complement its core AIS business and demonstrate the same innovative, efficient and high-quality approach to providing healthcare services.