The always-available and always-reliable support and service you need to maintain your molecular imaging systems in top working order. The new and reconditioned molecular imaging systems and parts you need to efficiently and effectively serve your patients. ISO-compliant installations by OEM-certified field service engineers. An ISO-compliant molecular imaging system reconditioning process. Flexible equipment and service contracts that include trial periods, replacement provisions and cancellation clauses. All the things, frankly, you should expect from anyone you work with.

Here’s something you won’t find anywhere else: A comprehensive guarantee that covers everything we do. View our Absolute Guarantee™ and discover the peace of mind that comes with our unconditional commitment to you.

The Absolute Guarantee.™
What does it cover?
"Having worked closely with Absolute Imaging Solutions in the past, we knew they would be a good fit in our plans to accelerate growth of SPECT camera sales in the U.S."
István Bagaméry, Founder and Managing Director, Mediso Medical Imaging Systems

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A unique solution in Molecular Imaging.
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